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Elephants are the earth’s largest land animals, but these amazing creatures are an endangered species.

There are currently at least ten African elephants for every one Asian elephant in the wild. The main reason that Asian elephant numbers to drop by 50 per cent in the last 100 years is a massive loss of habitat, and they are disappearing from areas where they once thrived.

In Vietnam the number of wild elephants declined from approximately 1,000 in 1990, to fewer than 100 in 2002.

The focus of this resource is on Asian elephants. It includes background information, discussion points and activities to inspire learning across the curriculum and a call to action to help protect this endangered species.

The activities can be used as starting points in individual lessons or as part of a joint cross-curricular project to develop knowledge, transferable skills and reflections in your classrooms or with a partner school in your country or overseas.