What on earth could be more important than understanding and tackling the big issues that shape our world?

On this five-week course, you’ll develop an informed personal response to sustainability. We’ll start by identifying key issues and challenges of sustainability and how they inter-relate. We’ll look at the values, systems and frameworks that exist and how these connect to your own context. Learning from the course leaders and other participants, you’ll work towards creating your own action plan 

By the end of the course, you’ll be more confident and ready to take steps towards a sustainable future.

This course is particularly relevant for people involved in formal or informal education. By examining educational approaches that may help to develop a response to global challenges, you can think about how to bring some of the activities and issues covered in the course into your own teaching.

The course is designed and delivered by experts from the University of Edinburgh, Learning for Sustainability Scotland and the British Council. It starts on 23 October 2023 and runs for five weeks but you can join at any time.

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Learning for a sustainable future: Live at COP28 (starts 27 November)

You may be interested in an additional three week course, which will run in parallel with the COP28 conference. We’ll be exploring the contemporary issues discussed at the UN COP28 Conference while it happens! Details will be available from early November. Keep an eye out for information; follow us on Twitter or make a diary note to come back to this page.