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Interested in sustainability?

The University of Edinburgh and Learning for Sustainability Scotland, in partnership with the British Council, have created two free short online courses which will enable you to pursue a personal and professional global learning journey towards a sustainable future.

Learning for a Sustainable Future (starts 11 March)

This 5-week course supports you to reflect, investigate, discuss and develop an informed response to the global challenges that matter to you. Taking a personalised issue-based approach, you will have the opportunity to further investigate the diverse causes, impacts, and multiple social and political factors related to a sustainability issue that you feel is important, before making an informed response towards taking action, in whatever form that may take. 

Recognising that we will all come to this course from various starting points and with a range of perspectives, we have created space for community discussions where we can share our own contexts, issues and experiences and learn with and from one another. The course also offers an opportunity to reflect and discuss the teaching and learning approaches we offer whilst creating space to hear the ways in which you are working, or may wish to work, with your learners, whomever they may be.

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Learning for a sustainable future: Live at COP28

Learning for a Sustainable Future: Live at COP28 ran during the United Nations COP28 Climate Change Conference in the United Arab Emirates in 2023. This two-week course, offers you an opportunity to examine what COP28 is, why it’s considered to be important and reflect on how you can add your voice to the call for collective action for a sustainable future.

Throughout the course, we will share ‘live’ insights into the issues being discussed at COP28, as well as responses to the conference themes from children and young people, community groups and ministerial bodies, both nationally and internationally. Using these ‘starting points’, we will invite you to reflect on what you have heard, watched and read, and think about what these conversations and issues mean to you. 

Course content from Live at COP28 will remain open, free and accessible as a legacy resource for school, community and individual use beyond COP28.

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