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The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games brings a wonderful learning opportunity to connect with schools across the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Connections is a special project for schools around the world, uniting teachers and pupils, as they learn together about the Commonwealth, its values and the active role everyone can play in their communities.

Your school can get involved with the Commonwealth Games 2022 Schools Resource. The activities are designed for schools, with or without a partner, to celebrate the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and the Commonwealth’s ongoing work to improve the lives of its citizens.

Young people will benefit from:

  • sharing knowledge of what makes a global citizen
  • international experience, collaborating through sport, arts and cultural projects celebrating the ‘friendly games’ and its values
  • learning about the Commonwealth family and values.

If your school wants to get connected with an international partner, explore our partner finding tool, with simple tips to find and get started on your own international journey with a partner school.

Find a partner

Working together with another schools in another Commonwealth country outside your own will enable shared learning and mutual enrichment.

You can use our Partner Finder tool free of charge to search for other schools on other countries of the Commonwealth that may be interested in collaborating. It's quick and easy to register as a user. You just need to provide your name and contact details for your school.

Check out our Prepare for finding a partner page for things to consider before finding a partner.

Establishing your partnership

You can find our tips for establising successful partnerships on the Once you have found a partner page.

We also have a collection of free, ready-to-go resources to help you get to know your partner and start working together.

Our Getting to know you challenge is designed to help partner schools introduce themselves and develop an understanding of the similarities and differences between their schools and localities. This is a great way to give structure to your early interactions.

We have a series of resources themed around the Global Goals for Sustainable Development which also relate to the Commonwealth values. These are particularly useful in the early stages of a partnership as they provide some quick activity ideas you can do together to help you get to know each other better.

You can also download our Commonwealth Games 2022 Schools Resource, designed to celebrate the ongoing work that the Commonwealth is doing to improve the lives of its citizens. 

Share your activity with us

We would like to hear from you about all the great work you are doing in your school with a partner or without it.

Tweet using the hashtag #CommonwealthConnections and we will publish and share the best pieces of work.