This schools resource is designed to celebrate the Commonwealth Games of 2022 and the ongoing work that the Commonwealth is doing to improve the lives of its citizens. 

It is a cross-curricular programme designed for pupils aged 7-11 across the whole Commonwealth, developing their knowledge and understanding of what the Commonwealth stands for, the people and countries that make it up, and the work it is doing to improve access to high quality education for all of its young citizens, especially girls and young women.

The resource includes a variety of activities based around the theme of the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Games, to promote thinking, leadership, communication, collaboration and creativity. There are opportunities to partner with other schools across the Commonwealth to exchange ideas, promote tolerance and work together to address common challenges such as access to education and equality.

The activities can be used as part of the Art, English, Geography, History, Personal and Social Education and Physical Education curriculum, and have been designed to allow teachers to adapt them for the needs of their pupils.

The activities are supported by a series of videos from a group of elite athletes who use their own experiences to bring the topics to life.