Request for Proposal: International Ambition – Considering the State of Experience and Opportunity for Young People in the UK

The British Council seeks to appoint a Research Consultant to conduct an analytical synthesis of three existing research studies into the state of international opportunities for young people in the UK. The Consultant is expected to produce an engaging report that will articulate the existing appetite and attitudes of young people in the UK towards international experience, whilst also highlighting the benefits, opportunities, gaps and challenges for ensuring young people in the UK have meaningful international experiences or connections.

The three studies, their supporting documentation and all other relevant research and strategy-focused literature published or under development by the British Council will be made available to the Researcher, alongside the bibliography of sources for both reports.

Background of the study

The British Council believes that all young people should benefit from regular and cumulative international experience as part of their formal and non-formal learning. Its Internationalism strategy is embedded in its Corporate Plan and it aims to develop the policies, frameworks, thought leadership and networks to dramatically increase the number of young people benefitting from international experience.

The study, for which this RFP is disseminated, is intended to present compelling data and a research-based narrative concerning the state of international opportunities for young people in the UK.

How to apply

We invite you to carefully read the RFP specifications attached. Please submit your clarification questions by Wednesday 20th February at 23:59 GMT and final proposals to Julia Handelman-Smith ( no later than Monday 4 March 2019. At 23:59 GMT.