British Council South West Basic Education programme - Chinese children in a classroom doing crafts

Zhao Yuchi

Clients Department for International Development (DFID)
Value £980,000
2005 to 2011
Country China

As part of the South West Basic Education Project, we helped improve learning outcomes for school-aged children in 27 of the poorest counties in the Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces in China. 

Teacher development

The skills of teacher trainers and the overall capacity of teacher training institutions were strengthened, leading to 62,000 teachers in 800 schools benefiting from improved pedagogical approaches. Teacher trainers increased their knowledge and use of participatory teaching techniques, and distance learning approaches were used to reach teachers in rural areas. 

Equitable access to education

Student assistance regulations were developed and resource allocations were improved to target the most marginalised children, helping 220,000 poor children, mainly girls, to attend junior middle school.

Improved education management

A new model for head teacher training was established to improve school leadership and management functions, with a strong focus on pastoral care and child protection. New monitoring tools were developed to assess student attainment, along with a baseline for measuring progress, which supported 2,100 schools in poor townships to carry out school improvement planning.