Clients European Union
Value €3 million
2011 to 2015
Country Kosovo

Through the EU Scholarships Scheme we support the government of Kosovo to meet the challenges of European Union integration. This involves modernising Kosovo’s public administration system against European administrative and democracy-related standards.

Building a civil service

Our project team supports the building of a professional, accountable and apolitical civil service by:

  • Assisting with a scholarship programme that is aimed at improving the professional capacity of the civil service to meet the obligations arising from European Union integration 
  • Generating a core group of new generation civil servants who are prepared and determined to implement reforms in the public administration, particularly those required for the European Union integration process.

University placements abroad

The project aims to provide university education in EU Member States as a way of enhancing the professional capacity of civil servants in key segments of the Kosovo public administration. After their training and on their return to Kosovo, participants are assisted in finding three-year placements in the government or other public institution. 


‘This project has made a very useful contribution in promoting Kosovo's European integration process, European values in the country and the importance of high-quality education for all the transformations such a process demands. In addition to the scholarships awarded to hundreds of Kosovan students to study in prominent European universities, the project has also supported higher education institutions and students within Kosovo through summer courses on EU issues (taught jointly by academics and practitioners from Kosovo and prominent European universities) and by improving access to recent academic works published in the EU.'

Artan Çollaku, Board President, European Young Cell Alumni Association Kosovo (2013–2014 term)