Comprehensive Education Sector Review - a class of children sat at their desks

Yanni Kronenberg

Clients Ministry of Education Burma
2012 to 2014
Country Myanmar

Working alongside a number of international development partners, we are supporting the government of Burma on a landmark Comprehensive Education Sector Review. Initiated by the Ministry of Education, the review aims to develop a body of knowledge about the existing education system, in order to identify strengths and challenges and to prioritise key areas for reform. This is in line with the ministry’s vision of creating ‘an education system that will generate a learning society capable of facing the challenges of the Knowledge Age.’

Expert consultancy

As a trusted partner of the Ministry of Education, we have provided support from the beginning of the review process, and we are delivering expert consultancy in three key areas:

  • Language of instruction, with specific reference to English
  • Assessing and making recommendations for English learning materials
  • Reviewing the country’s basic education assessment system.

Assessment, analysis and recommendations

We have worked with a range of partners on a three-phased approach, which covers assessment, analysis and recommendations. A rapid assessment phase has been completed, and a report has been produced and circulated to all partners involved. This has led to an in-depth sector analysis, currently underway. The third phase of the review will involve the development of a costed education plan, which will include recommendations and practical measures to be undertaken at the end of the review.

Supporting higher education reform

Linked to the Comprehensive Education Sector Review, we are supporting higher education sector review, which has included the organisation of three policy dialogue events in the UK and Burma, and a UK study tour for the Burmese Deputy Minister of Education and three parliamentarians actively involved in the reform process. We are also supporting two parliamentary committees tasked with redrafting higher education legislation and the revitalisation of Yangon University, both chaired by Aung San Suu Kyi.

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