The project aims strengthen the national education data system through improving learning assessments, the collection of disaggregated performance data and building capacity of key federal agencies such as the National Education Assessment System (NEAS) and the Academy of Education Planning and Management (AEPAM).

 This is in order to analyse and use data to improve policy-making, planning and resource allocation. It will also hello support agencies to exercise leadership in national dialogue on improving standards by publicly disseminating data.

The project will also focus on developing a civil society network that holds governments to account for their education commitments and performance. The networking will use new data to lead public discourse on improving system performance and learning outcomes. 

Additionally, innovations in areas of school leadership, teaching, data and accountability with government will be tested and trialled. Rigorous research into education problems and solutions will be conducted by leading Pakistani institutions, supported by UK expertise to improve research capacity. Partnerships will be explored and leveraged to connect the best UK institutions with their Pakistani counterparts. 

Which consultancy roles are available? 

•   Team Lead 

•   Deputy Team Lead 

•   Component Lead – Advocacy

•   Component Lead – Communications

•   Component Lead – Community Awareness

•   Component Lead – Education Management Information System (EMIS)

•   Component Lead – Innovation

•   Component Lead - Research

Minimum requirement for all candidates: Master’s degree in a relevant field


Team Lead: at least 15 years of relevant experience in the development sector and 10 years of experience in the education sector.

Deputy Team Lead: at least 10 years of relevant experience of working in the development sector. Experience of managing high value donor funded projects, preferably education projects. Experience of working as Deputy Team Lead will be an asset.

Component Leads: at least 8 years of relevant experience of working in the development sector.

If you are interested, please send your expression of interest along with a CV tailored to the above requirements by 23:59 30 November to Mehreen Shahzad at Mehreen: