Avash Karmacharya

The Dakchyata: TVET Practical Partnership is a new skills related project running in Nepal. 

Implemented by British Council and funded by the EU, the project aims to contribute to Nepal's inclusive and sustainable growth by investing in human capital and creating better employment opportunities.

Dakchyata’s specific objective is to strengthen and implement more effective policy in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector and to be more responsive to labour market needs. 

It will pilot an integrated Public-Private Partnership Approach (PPP) in three key economic sectors: agriculture, construction, and tourism, and offer opportunities for promoting the transition to a greener, climate-resilient, low-emission economy.

In order to achieve these outcomes, Dakchyata will work closely with a number of key stakeholders to: 

  • establish and test PPP models in the TVET sector 
  • promote shared ownership of the TVET system
  • support the sustainable development and delivery of effective TVET policy
  • act as a catalyst for improved coordination within the TVET sector, promoting new methodologies for ensuring supply meets demand thus boosting employment and equal opportunity for young graduates.

The project recently completed its inception period, which ran from March - August 2017. In the current phase of implementation, the project will be looking to seek the support of more national and international consultants to help implement key activities, particularly around enhancing the capacity and coordination role of the Government of Nepal in the TVET system and improving TVET governance. 

Dakchyata will be implemented under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal and Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training over four years from 2017-2021 with EUR 20.61 million EU funding. 

Further information will be published on British Council Nepal website in due course.