Jacopo Romei

In July 2017, the British Council and the Spanish International Development Agency (AECID) set up a new project in Morocco with €2.4m funding from the EU.

The project — Kafaat Liljamia - Development of a quality, modern, labour market-driven and inclusive VET system in Morocco — aims to improve the model of regional Vocational Education Training (VET) governance by piloting new approaches in two regions to the North: Tangier-Tetouan-El Hoceima and Oriental.

Focusing on both a regional and a local level, Kafaat Liljamia will aim to implement more integrated governance and enhanced coordination between stakeholders involved in the sector and also contribute towards developing a wider and more inclusive training offer.

Overall, the project will aim to achieve four results within two broader objectives areas. 

The first objective is being led by the British Council and aims to enhance coordination between stakeholders to strengthen the regional system for planning, delivering and reviewing VET. 

The project results will include:

  • the establishment of sustainable regional partnerships 
  • development and agreement of regional plans for VET
  • the identification and dissemination of lessons learned for other regions, plus recommendations for national institutional and legislative arrangements. 

The second objective will be led by AECID and will pilot new approaches to improve the access of vulnerable groups to high quality, labour market relevant VET.

Following completion of the inception phase in December this year, there will be short-term opportunities for national and international consultants, ideally with fluency in French, to support with the delivery of the first objective. 

Look out for an alert in early 2018 highlighting these opportunities.