Matt Wright

Funded by the European Union Trust Fund for Sudan, the British Council has signed a new contract worth €4 million in Sudan to deliver ISTEP – In-Service Teacher Education Project – over the next three years.

ISTEP will build the capacity of teachers to access and implement the new English, Maths and Science curricula for basic education in Sudan.

The project will focus its efforts across seven states including Khartoum, Red Sea, Kassela, Gederaf, Blue Nile, White Nile and South Kordofan, all of which have large numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees and migrants.

Working in collaboration with the federal and state ministries of education, the project will build the capacity of 220 school supervisors, 160 teacher trainers and 8,400 teachers to access and effectively implement the new curricula using newly revised textbooks.

Only 38 per cent of basic education teachers in Sudan are qualified teachers. Therefore, a longer term objective of ISTEP is to support the capacity building and professional development of this group through the provision of a teacher development framework and appropriate resources.

The European Union Trust Fund for Sudan is a component of the wider Education Quality Improvement Plan (EQUIP) which aims to improve equitable access to quality basic education, with particular attention to vulnerable groups.

For more information on ISTEP, contact Liana Hyde.