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The British Council is an executive non-departmental public body, a public corporation (in accounting terms) and a charity under registration numbers 209131 (England and Wales) and SC037733 (Scotland). Although we receive a government grant in aid, the British Council is operationally independent from the UK government and does not carry out functions on behalf of the Crown.

We provide a breakdown of our funding sources. More than two-thirds of our income is generated from teaching English, administering exams overseas and from partnerships and contracts. The remainder comes from government as grant in aid.

The Executive Board is responsible for the overall strategy, direction and management of the organisation. The Board of Trustees are the guardians of the British Council’s purpose and are ultimately accountable for the organisation. Currently chaired by Christopher Rodrigues CBE, they hold the Executive Board responsible for the organisation’s performance, strategy and policy.

Download the June 2018 organogram (PDF 80 KB), which outlines the management structure of the British Council.

Our relationship with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office:

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the British Council's sponsoring department and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs is answerable to parliament for the policies, operations and performance of the British Council.

See our corporate publications for documents regarding our relationship with the FCO. The Management Statement sets out the relationship between the British Council and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Financial Memorandum includes the terms and conditions under which the FCO provides a grant in aid to the Council.

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