What is the Aptis Writing Test like?

The information below and the preparation materials are relevant for Aptis and Aptis ESOL.

In this part of the test you will be able to demonstrate your ability to use written English in real-life situations. There are four parts to the Writing test, all linked by a common topic.

You will be given a specific context in which you have joined a club, a course or a group. You will respond to questions, contribute to a social-media type interaction, and write emails. All tasks are marked by an examiner.

The maximum time allowed for the reading component for each Aptis variant is:

  • Aptis General – 50 minutes
  • Aptis for Teens – 50 minutes
  • Aptis Advanced – 45 minutes
  • Aptis for Teachers – 55 minutes

Part 1: Word-level writing

In this part you need to respond in single words or short phrases to five text messages from another member of the club or group.

Part 2: Short text writing

In this part, you will respond to a request for information from the club or group by writing sentences. You are asked to write 20 to 30 words. You should focus on writing sentences that are relevant to the request and have accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Part 3: Three written responses to questions

You will have to respond to three questions from other members of the club or group on a social network platform. You are asked to write around 40 words for each response.

Part 4: Formal and informal writing

Here you are expected to write two emails in response to some information you have received from the club or group.

You are asked to write a short informal email of 40 to 50 words to a friend, and a longer formal email of 120 to 150 words to a person in authority. Both emails are on the same topic, but should differ in terms of the language you use.

Make sure that you use the appropriate vocabulary for each email and also that you use linking devices to make the text coherent. Also watch your grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Top tips for the writing test:

  • Make sure you fully understand the question and respond appropriately
  • Plan what you are going to write before you start
  • Remember to review your writing and correct any errors, before moving to the next question
  • Keep to the word limit – there is a word counter to help you keep track.
  • Focus on accuracy.

For more detailed information, please download a copy of the Test Format Overview.