In today’s global world, the importance of English cannot be denied. Good English skills open doors to social mobility and opportunities globally.Educational institutions now recognise that English language competency is of paramount importance if their students have to progress and work within the international landscape.

What is Aptis for Teens?

Targeted at 13-17 year-olds, Aptis for Teens is modular and flexible, enabling you to target specific skills and receive fast results. Since questions have been designed to reflect activities that occur in a teenager’s everyday life like social media, homework and sports, tasks will be more familiar to them. This allows them to focus purely on their English skills and talk, write, speak and listen with ease. This modern approach to testing allows candidates to fully demonstrate their English knowledge and skill.

Aptis for Teens can be integrated into current education systems, which allows  students’ English levels to be measured effectively and efficiently over time, opening the door to future learning in a broad range of subjects.

Who can use it?

  • Lower and upper secondary schools

  • Ministries of Education around the world

  • Language schools

  • Private tutors or teachers

  • Bi-lingual schools

With aptis for teens, you can:

  • streamline learners according to proficiency level within language learning programmes

  • assess readiness for taking high-stakes certified exams

  • assess readiness to participate in study abroad and homestay programmes

  • evaluate learning programmes

  • test students’ progress over extended periods of study.