Lake School of English, Oxford Full report 2013 (PDF 346KB)

LAL London, London Full report 2014 (PDF 371KB)

LAL Torbay, Paignton, South Devon Full report 2014 (PDF 420KB)

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Language Gallery (The) Birmingham, Birmingham Full report 2015 (PDF 304KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 232KB)

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Language Gallery (The) London, London Full report 2016 (PDF 330KB)

Language Link Limited, London Full report 2013 (PDF 338KB), Spot check 2014 (PDF 244KB)

Language Specialists International, Portsmouth

Language Studies International, Brighton Full report 2016 (PDF 331KB)

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Language Teaching Centres Eastbourne, East Sussex Full report 2017 (PDF 332KB)

LanguageUK, Kent Full report 2017 (PDF 371KB)

Languages United, Bath Full report 2015 (PDF 335KB)

Learnlight (formerly Communicaid), London Full report 2014 (PDF 332KB)

Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Full report 2015 (PDF 366KB)

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Lewis School of English, Southampton Full report 2013 (PDF 327KB)

Lewis School of English (Multi-centre summer school), Southampton Full report 2015 (PDF 376KB)

LILA, Liverpool Full report 2017 (PDF 415KB)

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Live Language, Glasgow Full report 2015 (PDF 412KB)

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