ILC Birmingham (International Language Centres) (Formerly TEG English Birmingham), Full report 2021 (PDF 212KB), Spot check 2023 (PDF 97KB)

ILC Bristol (International Language Centres) (Formerly TEG English Bristol), Full report 2016 (PDF 333KB), Spot check 2017 (PDF 114KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 216KB)

ILC Colchester (International Language Centres)(Formerly Colchester English Study Centre (CESC), Colchester, Essex (including extension of ILC CambridgeFull and supplementary report 2017 (PDF 344KB), Spot check 2017 (PDF 104KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 221KB), Spot check 2023 for ILC Cambridge (PDF 106KB)

ILC Portsmouth (International Language Centres) (Formerly TEG English Portsmouth), Full report 2022 (PDF 212KB)

ILC Southampton (International Language Centres) Southampton, Full report 2023 (PDF 205KB)

Imperial English UK (formerly Birmingham College, West Midlands Full report 2018 (PDF 233KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 125KB) [Currently closed, re-opening 2023]. 

Influential English, London Full report 2020 (PDF 204KB), Spot check 2023 (PDF 143KB)

Ingla School of English, London (formerly English & Skills Training London) Full report 2016 (PDF 310KB), Compliance report 2021 (PDF 206KB)

Inlingua, Cheltenham Full report 2017 (PDF 324KB),  Compliance report 2022 (PDF 212KB)

Interactive English Language School, Hove Full report 2022 (PDF 204KB)

International House Belfast, Belfast Full report 2019 (PDF 222KB)

International House Bristol, Bristol Full report 2016 (PDF 322KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 221KB)

International House Edinburgh (formerly Inlingua Edinburgh) Full report 2017 (PDF 321KB), Compliance report 2023 (PDF 206KB)

International House London, London Full report 2022 (PDF 232KB)

International House London Young Learner Centres,  Full report 2019 (PDF 253KB),

International House Manchester, Manchester Full report 2017 (PDF 316KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 164KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 210KB)

International House Newcastle, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Full report 2018 (PDF 256KB)

International House Torquay (formerly Torquay international School), Torquay Devon Full report 2019 (PDF 250KB)

International Language College, Newcastle Full report 2022 (PDF 208KB)

International Projects Centre, Exeter Full report 2015 (PDF 379KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 232KB)

International Student Club, Oxfordshire Full report 2022 (PDF 221KB)

INTO Manchester, Full report 2022 (PDF 248KB)

INTO Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland Full report 2018 (PDF 247KB)

Intuition Languages, London Full report 2018 (PDF 251KB),  Compliance report 2023 (PDF 212KB)

ISCA School of English (The), Exeter Full report 2017 (PDF 331KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 210KB)

Islington Centre for English, London Full report 2019 (PDF 195KB)

Itchen Sixth Form College, Southampton Full report 2017 (PDF 340KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 213KB)