Accredited centres - I

ILS English, Nottingham Full report 2015 (PDF 394KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 154KB)

Ingla School of English, London (formerly English & Skills Training London)

Inlingua, Cheltenham Full report 2013 (PDF 338KB)

Inlingua, Edinburgh Full report 2013 (PDF 327KB)

Intensive School of English, Brighton Full report 2015 (PDF 320KB)

Interactive English Language School, Hove Full report 2016 (PDF 300KB)

International Community School, London Full report 2016 (PDF 378KB)

International House Aberdeen, Aberdeen Full report 2016 (PDF 371KB)

International House Belfast, Belfast Full report 2015 (PDF 333KB)

International House Belfast, Multicentre, Belfast Full report 2015 (PDF 424KB)

International House Bristol, Bristol Full report 2016 (PDF 322KB)

International House London, London Full report 2013 (PDF 393KB)

International House Oxford and Ellesmere Young Learner Centres,  Full report 2015 (PDF 374KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 164KB)

International House Manchester, Manchester Full and supplementary report 2014 (PDF 400KB)

International House Newcastle and Edinburgh, (Head office - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Full report 2014 (PDF 351KB)

International Projects Centre, Exeter Full report 2015 (PDF 379KB)

International Student Club, Hertfordshire Full report 2016 (PDF 341KB)

INTO London World Education Centre, London Full report 2014 (PDF 346KB), Spot check 2015 (PDF 245KB)

INTO Manchester, Full report 2013 (PDF 326KB)

INTO Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland Full report 2014 (PDF 382KB)

INTO Scotland at Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow Full report 2014 (PDF 362KB)

INTO University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Full report 2015 (PDF 384KB)

Intuition Languages, London Full report 2014 (PDF 334KB)

ISCA School of English (The), Exeter Full report 2013 (PDF 354KB)

Islington Centre for English, London Full report 2015 (PDF 370KB)

Itchen Sixth Form College, Southampton Full report 2013 (PDF 345KB)