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British Council

 The British Council is recruiting a Consultant to manage and create a shared Project Working Agreement for those involved on the Our Shared Cultural Heritage project.

The Project

The Our Shared Cultural Heritage project (OSCH) focuses on exploring the shared cultures and histories of the UK and South Asia. The project works with young people aged 11-25 to experiment and create new ways for museums and youth organisations to work together, become better places to explore identity, connect with others and create new opportunities for young people. The project is led by British Council in partnership with Glasgow Life, Manchester Museum and UK Youth. It is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund's Kick the Dust programme. 

The first stage of the project, ‘Laying the Foundations’, represents the groundwork needed at the early stages of youth engagement and the preliminary work needed from organisations and staff. This stage will help the project work effectively within local structures, authentically engage with and train young people, and make solid plans for a sustainable project. 

Project Working Agreement 

As part of the Laying the Foundations stage the project will create a Project Working Agreement with the project partners and young people. This will be a ‘live’ shared understanding of project aims, the equality, diversity and inclusion values inherent to the project, and agreed measures of quality. The Project Working Agreement will also identify potential barriers that young people may face in engaging with the project and will agree definitions of key terms such as ‘Heritage’. 

The shared Project Working Agreement aims to ensure that:

  • The aims and working practice of young people and youth and heritage institutions are aligned. This will support the smooth running of the project and will create a better structure in which to make sustainable change in museums and in the youth sector.
  • Young people have the opportunity to respond to and challenge the infrastructure of partner institution’s existing equality and diversity commitments.
  • Heritage institutions are more resilient. Forming an agreement with potential young audience members will allow museums to be more responsive and reflective of audiences, ensuring a continuation and increase in future audiences.
  • The project runs smoothly through partnership working. This will benefit both the heritage and youth sector through sharing resources, skills and experience, and will make for more success in engaging youth with heritage overall.

The Consultant will deliver the first version of the Project Working Agreement coming out of this session, which will then be further revised with more young people throughout project activity.

The work of the Project Consultant will follow three objectives:

  1. Facilitate the Project Working Agreement session on 14 and 15 October in Glasgow, supporting the partner staff and young people in their discussion and gathering main ideas and consensus of Project Working Agreement points.
  2. To use the information gathered in the session to  deliver summary of the Project Working Agreement session in the form of a write-up


  • Workshop plan delivered by 8 October 
  • Final session summary write-up delivered by 25 October

The Project Working Agreement might take a variety of formats, the write-up will help another creative produce an output for the Project Working Agreement. 

The ideal applicant will have:

  • Experience of working with young people. Experience of working with young people from the South Asian diaspora in Glasgow and/or Manchester areas will be a benefit
  • Experience condensing big ideas into concise and accessible information
  • Experience facilitating group meetings with different stakeholders
  • Experience in creating good quality outputs suited to different audiences
  • Experience working on, reviewing or evaluating organisations’ diversity and equality policies particularly arts/heritage and/or youth organisations
  • Knowledge of engagement strategies within cultural heritage institutions
  • Knowledge of barriers for young people particularly from the South Asian diaspora 


Activity Date/Time
Plan for session agreed with Project Manager 8 October
Facilitation of Project Working Agreement session 14 & 15 October
Write up of Project Working Agreement session points delivered  25 October

Important: The successful applicant must be available to attend the Project Working Agreement Sessions in Glasgow on 14 and 15 October 2019.

Contract Details

We anticipate the contract taking the following number of working days, where working days means 8 relevant working hours:

  • 1.5 days preparation and start-up
  • 2 days delivery of sessions 14 and 15 October
  • 1 days for creation of Project Working Agreement session summary

All expenses for travelling for the session will be covered on top of daily rate for working days.

Please contact Isobel Cecil on isobel.cecil@britishcouncil.org with any questions

How to apply 

If you are interested in the opportunity, please download the below brief for further details and then email Isobel Cecil, Project Manager at isobel.cecil@britishcouncil.org to express your interest.

Please email with ‘Project Working Agreement Consultant’ as the subject line.