An A to Z of Second Language Assessment is an essential component of the British Council’s How Assessment Works Project and is designed for EFL/ESL teachers and those who are involved in pre-service or in-service teacher training and development. This resource, can be used as part of a course or as a reference for those teachers who want to increase their knowledge of language testing and assessment. Learning the terminology and jargon of the field of language assessment also means understanding the concepts represented by these terms and understanding how they are interlinked and interrelated.

Written by teachers for teachers, these 285 terms and their respective definitions represent the collective knowledge of 81 teachers from 27 countries worldwide. We have made every effort to include definitions that are readable and easy to understand, even for teachers with little or no assessment background. It is hoped that this resource will be an important one in your ongoing journey to understanding 'how assessment works'.

Edited and Curated by Christine Coombe this much needed and valuable glossary of terminology of language testing and assessment consists of hundreds of definitions of terms. These have been authored by a whole range of people from those who have been recognised as being experts in the field to classroom teachers who deal with assessment on a daily basis but for some reason are not considered, particularly by themselves, to be ‘expert’.