What is the Aptis Advanced Writing Test like?

The information below and the preparation materials are relevant for Aptis Advanced and Aptis ESOL Advanced.

In this part of the test you will be able to demonstrate your ability to use written English in real-life situations. There are three parts to the Writing test.

You will interact in a social media-type written conversation, write an email and write a short article for an online publication. All tasks are marked by an examiner.

The maximum time allowed for the reading component for Aptis Advanced is 45 minutes.

Part 1: Three written responses to questions

In this part, you will have a social network type interaction. You will receive three questions and need to respond.

Part 2: Formal writing

In this part, you will read an email from an authority. You need to respond to the email in 120 –150 words, using the notes provided, expressing how you feel about the situation.

Part 3: Article for website publication

In this part, you will write an article for a website that is both informative and interesting. Notes about the topic are provided and you need to use the information to help write the article. The article needs to be between 180–220 words.

Top tips for the writing test:

  • make sure you fully understand the question and respond appropriately
  • plan what you are going to write before you start
  • remember to review your writing and correct any errors, before moving to the next question
  • keep to the word limit – there is a word counter to help you keep track.
  • focus on accuracy.