If you are an agent or working in partnership with the British Council to promote Study UK, you can find a suite of downloadable resources below to help plan your marketing efforts.

Study UK provides opportunities for young people to study and live in the UK.

We have a collection of over 1000 courses and education institutions prospective students can choose from.

Our website contains useful information on how to students can find the right course or institution, blogs and testimonials and funding opportunities.

We have created a useful pack for you

Our marketing packs cover everything students will want to know about applications, immigration and safety. We also have a separate pack designed to help you understand how to coordinate your promotional activities.

The packs contains: 

  • an overview of the Study UK campaign
  • a brief explanation about the Study UK brand 
  • a description of the assets available and how to access them
  • advice about where to go to for support and further guidance.

Please do not modify the materials or assets in our promotional packs.