The DICE programme is inviting organisations with in-depth understanding of the UK’s creative social economy to apply to join a DICE Supplier Framework, which will, in turn, open up opportunities to deliver specialist services in DICE countries ©

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PLEASE NOTE: the deadline to apply for this opportunity has now passed. 

The British Council’s DICE programme seeks to identify, by means of an invitation to tender, a range of organisations with an in-depth understanding of the UK’s creative social economy that could join a DICE Supplier Framework.

Organisations selected to join the DICE Supplier Framework would then have opportunities to provide specialist services to our partners and colleagues in the DICE countries (Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK). 

These opportunities are divided into three lots – see below – and applicants are welcome to to bid for one, two or all three lots. Each lot will be assessed separately.

Although being on the Framework does not guarantee that selected organisations will be offered contracts with the British Council, it does ensure that these organisations will be notified of all contract opportunities that are issued for the lot(s) they are awarded a place on. 

Our aims in establishing this Framework are as follows:

  1. We hope to access expertise from organisations with which we have yet to work. 
  2. We aim to continue relationships with organisations that have provided excellent services to DICE and other British Council programmes in the past.
  3. We seek to make the contract process more efficient when organisations are commissioned to undertake work, in order to shorten significantly the time between the commissioning and commencement of the work.
  4. This will allow us to share opportunities transparently with the Framework suppliers.

Three lots

We have designated three separate lots for the type of work we expect to commission through the lifetime of the framework

Lot 1: Research

DICE is looking for researchers with an interest in undertaking international research but with a strong understanding of the UK landscape. We seek researchers who can bring the voice of people to life and articulate complex subjects to a wide range of audiences in a compelling manner. 

Given that DICE is a pilot, we are keen to work with researchers who have an exploratory spirit and can work, for example, without a pre-defined goal at the research outset. 

Moreover, such researchers should have a track-record in convening creatively (e.g. focus groups; action research) and a demonstrated ability to share research findings with the subjects of their research.

DICE research will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Social and/creative entrepreneurship and ecosystems
  • Gender equality
  • Mapping studies of regions and/or countries
  • Targeted research on one topic, such as funding models
  • Youth unemployment
  • Economics and ethics
  • Creativity as a tool for social change
  • Disabilities and economic exclusion
  • Inclusive design

All suppliers who score 50 per cent and above, following initial evaluation moderation, will be invited to a clarification interview. 

Lot 2: Capacity building

DICE seeks suppliers who can deliver training and/or capacity building to a wide-ranging audience across a number of issues. 

Such suppliers must be able to connect (often ‘one-off’) workshops and training sessions to wider ecosystem development in a systematic manner; and seek ways to proactively connect their work with the DICE programme initiatives already underway. 

Trainers must be deep listeners with a demonstrated ability to quickly understand the country, cultural and organisational contexts in which they are working, and to be kind and constructive in challenging proposed approaches.  

DICE is also investigating how creativity can be used as a tool and method for inclusive growth, and are keen to work with suppliers who have a proven ability to deploy a ‘creative process’ in their methodologies to widen and deepen conversations.  

Audiences are likely to range from:

  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Enterprises /organisations / departments (teams)
  • Boards / governing bodies
  • Community assemblies
  • Policy makers and governments
  • Families
  • People living with disabilities
  • Academics 

Capacity-building topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Design thinking / Inclusive design
  • Creative process
  • Policy development
  • Leadership training
  • Marketing / communications
  • Storytelling
  • Digital tools
  • Creative social ecosystems
  • Gender equality
  • Financial literacy
  • Youth un/employment
  • Economics and ethics
  • Creativity as a tool for social change
  • Disabilities and economic exclusion

All suppliers who score 50 per cent and above, following initial evaluation moderation, will be invited to a clarification

Lot 3: Convening

DICE is committed to the ‘cultural relations process’ – which is defined as ‘bringing together stakeholders in participatory ways to enhance mutual understandings,’ according to Professor JP Singh at George Mason University. 

We seek suppliers who have the proven ability to convene in ambitious, thoughtful and creative ways. 

We are keen to work with facilitators, artists, event designers, theatre practitioners and conference planners (etc) who are able to bring together people who often hold diverse, and often contradicting perspectives. 

How to apply

In order to access the tender documents, you will need to create an account on the British Council’s procurement portal.

You can then locate this DICE opportunity under the Tenders/ Current drop down at the top of the screen. 

Please register an interest in this tender by following the link at the bottom right. 

Once you have done this the ITT tab will be revealed. It contains all the tender documents, including the application itself and these should include all the information you will require. Applications can be submitted as either a written document or a short video.

Please submit any clarification questions via the procurement portal.

The application deadline is Noon GMT on 19th December 2019. 

Activity Date/Time
Issue of Contract Notice / availability of ITT documents 18/11/2019
Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline) Noon GMT, 29/11/2019
British Council to respond to clarification questions 4/12/2019
Deadline for submission of ITT responses by potential suppliers (Response Deadline) Noon GMT, 19/12/2019
Clarification interviews Week commencing 20/01/2019
Award decision standstill letters issued Week commencing 27/01/2019
Contract concluded with winning suppliers Week commencing 10/02/2019
Contract start date 17/02/2019



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