Students in Ghana gather together under a tree to chat
Students in Ghana chat together in the shade of a tree ©

British Council

We take our surroundings for granted and sometimes forget that people in different parts of the world have a completely different outlook. 

This easy and engaging project, sharing views of your school playground, is a great one to get you started if you're new to international partnerships. Give it a go and open your students' eyes to the world beyond your classroom. 

  • Take photographs of the views from your classroom windows and write a short description
  • Post them on this Padlet board
  • Take a look at the other photos on the padlet board, especially ones from schools in a different country. Think about and discuss:

                What is the same and what is different?
                What did you expect? What is unexpected? 
                What can we learn from this about schools in a different country?

Please be aware of your school’s safeguarding guidance and, for privacy, don’t post any photos with identifiable faces of any fellow students.

Teacher in India shows student how to play cricket
Teacher in India teaches student to play cricket in the school playground ©

British Council

Students in UK play tag in the school playground
Students in the UK play in the school playground ©

British Council

A group of South Africa students chat together on the school verandah
 South Africa students chat together outside the school  ©

British Council

Where will your partnership take you next?

 If you’d like to find a school overseas to partner and work with, register for the British Council Partner Finder database: