Knowing a different language is a valuable skill and offers many benefits to young learners. As well as broadening students' minds and developing cultural awareness, research shows that learning another language boosts academic achievement and helps with reasoning, problem-solving and creativity. Speaking another language will also be useful for travel and boost future career opportunities. Some of your students may already be a step ahead, speaking different languages in their home environments.

These resources have been developed as the basis for introducing language learning into the classroom and as a way to start discussions about the value of learning other languages.


Let’s talk about languages has been designed for primary students as a fun way to introduce words in different languages with activities and songs for practising.

Why choose languages is aimed at secondary students and introduces some key statistics to inform discussion about why we should all consider learning another language.

These resources were designed to celebrate European Day of Languages, 26 September 2023 but can be used throughout the year.