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Ghanaian man presents at a conference ©

British Council 2019

We are always looking for speakers for our Education Exchange webinars on a range of topics. Normally, these are panel events.

Event format

  • It will be a one-hour webinar
  • It will be hosted by a member of British Council staff
  • The panel will consist of speakers from different countries, who will share 5-8-minute summaries of their educational context and an example of how their school has approached reopening in relation to the webinar topic.
  • The panel slots will then be followed by a Q&A session
  • The webinar will be recorded
  • The live webinar will be attended by a global audience of teachers, with a large audience also viewing the webinar recording

Panel format

  • Each panellist will begin with a personal introduction, outlining your position and experience.
  • You will discuss your experience of the webinar topic, for example, your school's strategy, challenges, strengths and what you have learned.

Panel requirements

  • We believe that interesting and innovative school and teaching practice can come from anywhere.  Therefore, we welcome and actively encourage speakers to apply from a diverse range of backgrounds.  It doesn’t matter your country, the type of school, your experience levels, the types of students you have.  Good ideas can come from anywhere and are worth sharing.
  • We are looking for education practitioners such as teachers, head teachers, researchers, and policy makers. It is not necessary that you are an expert on the webinar topic.  You should, however, be able to speak confidently and engagingly about your experience of the webinar topic for 5-8 minutes.
  • You will not be required to present slides; the webinar will be a conversation.

Benefits for speakers

  • As a speaker, you will have the opportunity to present to a large global audience and network with other speakers from around the world. Generally, we have 500 attendees at each event from more than 60 countries.
  • We will promote your name, the name of your institution, your bio and social handles and any online resources you have.
  • We will promote you and the event on our website and digital channels and share promotional assets with you, so you are able to do the same across your networks.
  • We can provide a certificate of your participation and share the participant feedback we receive after the event.
  • If presenting online is part of your professional development or a new experience, we will provide support to help you prepare and take part with speaker briefings and technical rehearsals.

Time requirements

  • You will have an initial informal call with the team at British Council as an introduction where you will discuss the focus of the webinar
  • You will attend a 45-minute briefing for all speakers
  • You will attend a 30-minute technical test in advance of the webinar
  • You must be available for 90 minutes for the Live webinar which takes place on Teams Live

If you are interested in self-nominating to become a panel member at one of the upcoming events, please click below to submit your nomination.