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British Council.

December 2019

The Building Skills and Communities report explores what digital platforms and skills are being utilised in refugee response interventions and the role that digital technology and skills can play in supporting social cohesion outcomes between refugees and host communities.

The initiatives mapped and analysed are case studies from Germany, Lebanon and Turkey that have a digital component central to their programme design and delivery within education, language learning, information sharing and legal advice. By identifying best practice, lessons learnt and challenges faced by providers and users, the research identifies key factors that impact the success of social integration and cohesion outcomes.

This piece of research aims to support the development, delivery and effectiveness of digital initiatives in this sector, including those by the British Council.

Authors, researchers and contributors

Sara Rizzo, Beatriz Amaral, Letizia Vicentini, Kay Lau, Gokce Baykal, Nisrine Mansour, Raffael Beier, Jonathan France, Reece Waldron.