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Next Generation is a research programme that gathers data to explore the needs, potential and aspirations of young people globally. The overall aim of Next Generation is defined through 3 strands:

  • Research: Understanding youth attitudes and aspirations
  • Youth Voice: Amplifying youth voice
  • Policy Impact: Supporting better youth policymaking

Next Generation Iraq

The objective of Next Generation Iraq is to produce a research study and a series of recommendations to provide an understanding of young people’s perceptions, aspirations, priorities and key needs in Iraq today. This will support the British Council’s ability to understand, develop and advocate for effective youth-led interventions with partners and stakeholders across the development sector and within policy making circles. 

Next Generation Iraq is to be understood as:  

  1. Research that gathers data to explore the needs, potential and aspirations of young people, giving due consideration to gender and other protected characteristics in the target country.  
  2. A set of actionable and tangible recommendations based on youth-led evidence to support the development and implementation of policy and programmes that will affect young people. 
  3. A participatory research project that provides a youth-led and capacity building approach to generating and disseminating the data and insights to answer the research questions outlined. 
  4. A programme of stakeholder engagement activity built within and around the research, throughout the stages of research design, data collection, analysis and after the launch of the final report. 

Through the research study, Next Generation Iraq will answer: 

  • What are the priorities of young people in Iraq today? 
  • How do young people in Iraq perceive change? 
  • How do young people in Iraq perceive their role in their communities? 
  • What are the main barriers affecting young people in Iraq, in relation to Education, Employment, and Youth Voice? 

Themes and topics

Next Generation Iraq will explore the aspirations and opinions of young Iraqi’s across the following areas:

  • Youth demographics
  • Identity and values
  • Education
  • Employment and skills
  • Local and global challenges
  • Youth Voice
  • Digital, Media and News
  • Arts and Culture
  • Peace and Conflict resolution
  • Global Outlook
  • Looking to the future


The sample for Next Generation Iraq is young people aged 18-30 who are Iraqi citizens currently residing across the 3 regions / 19 provinces of Iraq.

We anticipate the standard methodology to broadly include:  

  1. Desk research
  2. Nationally representative quantitative survey
  3. In-depth discussions (e.g., FGDs, Key Informant Interviews, consultative meetings, diaries).
  4. Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.  
  5. Conclusions and recommendations.

In addition to the above, The British Council expects a methodology that includes: 

  • A capacity-building component that provides opportunities for young people to be involved throughout the research process and lifecycle. 
  • A range of stakeholder engagement activities to support the development, analysis and dissemination of the research and key findings.

The British Council welcomes and encourages methodologies using creative and participatory approaches during data collection and analysis.  

The British Council anticipates a mixed approach to data collection using both online and offline tools and approaches.  


The final outputs of this research project will be agreed in consultation between the appointed service providers and the British Council. We anticipate the final outputs to broadly include:

  • Datasets, aggregated according to relevant demographics as agreed between the British Council and the awarded supplier.
  • A final report, in English, in word and PDF form proof-read and copy edited.
  • An executive summary of key findings.
  • A slide deck in Power Point of key findings.
  • A selected number of stakeholder engagement activities (not limited to the ones mentioned above) as part of the research process and launch of the research.

Experience and skills required

  • Research skills and experience
  • Stakeholder engagement skills and experience
  • Local knowledge and expertise
  • Good value for money
  • Familiarity with the British Council’s Cultural Relations approach


Date / time 
RFP Issued to bidding suppliers  Monday 3 July 2023
Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline)   Monday 10 July 2023 12:00 BST / 14:00 AST 
British Council to respond to clarification questions  By Wednesday 12 July 2023
Deadline for submission of Proposals by potential suppliers (Response Deadline)   Monday 31 July 2023 12:00 BST /  14:00 AST 
Final Decision  By Thursday 10 August 2023
Inception Meeting  Thursday 17 August 2023
Contract start date  Thursday 17 August 2023


The budget available is up to 80,000 GBP inclusive of VAT.

How to apply

To view the full opportunity and submit a proposal, review the opportunity on the In-tend Portal,

This opportunity is under In-Tend number BC/02991. In order to view and apply for the tender please refer to the file below.

  • Steps to find and apply for opportunity on In-Tend (Adobe PDF 371KB)