Tuesday 10 October 2023
10:30am - 1:00pm (BST)
Online and in-person at British Council, 1 Redman Pl,  London E20 1JQ 

What is the value of cultural heritage in sustainable development?

Join us for the launch of our new Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth Essay Collection, edited by Inherit, on 10 October 2023 at our London headquarters, or watch online.

Join us to hear insights from thought-leaders on cultural heritage and development, followed by an enlightening panel discussion on the role of cultural heritage for a sustainable future. 

You will be taken on a journey exploring heritage’s vital relationship to sustainable development, from a variety of different perspectives through case studies, concepts and practical approaches.


  • Ben Sandbrook – Sustainable development opportunities for culture
  • Anne Torreggiani and Sophia Woodley – People-centred approaches for cultural heritage and sustainable development
  • Abraham George – Cultural heritage for inclusive growth 
  • Chris Dalglish (Inherit) – Cultural relations, cultural heritage, and what works – a human development approach
  • James Doeser – Governance principles for inclusive heritage  
  • Leandro Valiati – The role of cultural awareness and participation in sustainable development 
  • Pedro Affonso Ivo Franco – Participatory governance of heritage and development: institution and community-led approaches and case studies
  • Suzanne Joinson – Narrating heritage: oral history and inclusive growth 

The Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth Essay Collection is a new essay series commissioned by the British Council’s Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth programme and Nordicity, edited by Inherit (York Archaeology).

Together, the essays explore the role of cultural heritage in a sustainable future. They look at the principles, concepts and approaches that can guide action to realise the potential of cultural heritage for human development, including people-centred approaches, accountable and participatory governance, and frameworks for development. 

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