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Ali Kitoo

About the opportunity

We are looking for a supplier to research women's role in the creative economy in Iraq, responding to the following questions. The deadline to apply is 30 June 2024.

  • What is the current status of women’s participation in the creative industries in Iraq?
  • What are specific needs and challenges facing their participation in the sector?
  • What support opportunities are available for women creatives and where are the gaps?
  • What are the success stories and lessons learned for successful creative women in Iraq that can be highlighted for the benefit of other women creatives?

We invite proposals from researchers or research teams based in the UK, Iraq, and the Middle East and North Africa. In all cases, we expect collaboration with Iraqi researchers/experts who can provide local expertise & capacity. 

Research audience

The primary purpose of the research is to support British Council’s programme development. However, the research is also intended to benefit the wider creative community:

  • Creative entrepreneurs and creative sector organisations in Iraq and the UK.
  • Iraqi government, policy makers and other researchers.
  • International organisations with an interest in creative economy development.
  • Businesses and corporations interested in supporting women empowerment initiatives.

Outputs and deadlines

1. A detailed methodology for the research, to be refined in consultation with the British Council. 

2. A research report on women's position in the Iraqi Creative Economy, highlighting needs, challenges, opportunities, key intevensions and a roadmap with identified actions and recommendations for the British Council and other Iraqi and international organisations with an interest in supporting women's effective participation in the Creative Economy. 

3. Development of detailed and diverse case studies of three to five Iraqi women creatives and/or women-led creative enterprises.

4. A final presentation of the research to key stakeholders, with a preference for a face-to-face presentation in Baghdad and Erbil.

5. A PowerPoint slide deck presenting key findings, which the British Council can use within internal/external presentations, using the British Council PowerPoint templates provided. 


The total budget for this project is between £10,000 to £17,000 (exclusive of VAT).

The total budget above does not include costs such as international travel and domestic travel and in-country practicalities such as accommodation, security, meals, etc. These costs will be covered separately by the British council in addition to costs related to the workshop and event logistics in Iraq as needed (venue rental, local participant travel, printing and stationery etc).

Application and contract timeline

Activity Date
Request for Proposals issued 16 May 2024
Deadline for clarification questions 22 May 2024
Deadline for submission of RfP responses by potential suppliers 30 June 2024  (note this was extended on 6 June)
Final decision and contract awarded July 2024
Contract start date July 2024
Research period, including visits to/within Iraq July to November 2024
Interim findings presented by the supplier 1 December 2024
Final draft presented by the supplier 5 January 2025
Launch of findings 25 January 2025
End of contract 30 March 2025

How to apply

This page shows a summarised version of the brief. For a full outline of the research commission, download the Terms of Reference document.  You can access the full documents including the Supplier Response form, Pricing Approach, and Terms and Conditions on In-Tend.

To apply, you will need to complete a Supplier Response form and a Pricing Approach. The Supplier Response form invites you to answer a series of questions, and the pricing approach is a template for your proposed project budget. Register (if you have not already) for free on our procurement platform In-Tend to submit your application ahead of the deadline. Note that the deadline for applying has been extended from 6 June to 30 June 2024.

Apply on In-Tend by 30 June 2024