What is the Aptis Advanced Reading Test like?

The information below and the preparation materials are relevant for Aptis Advanced and Aptis ESOL Advanced.

This component is divided into four sections and the tasks become more difficult as the test progresses. The maximum time allowed for the reading component for is 60 minutes.

Part 1: Opinion matching

In this part, you will match people’s opinions to statements. You will read four people’s opinions on the same topic. Then you need to read seven statements and decide which person’s opinion matches each statement. This part tests your ability to read and understand short texts.

Part 2: Long text comprehension

In this part, you will read a long text (about 750 words). You will also read eight headings. The task is to match seven of the headings to paragraphs in the text. There is always an extra heading that does not fit with any paragraph.

Part 3: Reading for global understanding

This is a short text of around 300 words with missing gaps. You must choose the right word or phrase from the drop-down to complete the gap.

Part 4: Reading across two texts

You have two short texts on the same topic. You need to fill in the blank with the appropriate phrase.

Top tips for the reading test

  • Read all the sentences carefully first, then decide on the correct order. You need to look for words that show how the sentences link with each other.
  • To perform well in section one, first read each paragraph so you understand each person’s point of view. Then read the statements and decide which person’s opinion it best represents.
  • In section two it is necessary to scroll the reading text to see all of it. Select the appropriate heading from the drop-down list on the left-hand side. There is always an extra heading that does not fit with any paragraph.
  • In section three, make sure you read the whole text before trying to answer. This isn't a grammar test so all the options can fit grammatically into the sentence. You need to understand the whole text to choose the correct one.
  • And finally, it is important to remember that the best way to become a better reader is to practise. You can look at the comment section in online media and practise summarizing the main opinions or read magazine articles and find the main idea for each paragraph.