Mat Wright

Clients Department for International Development (DFID)
Value £26 million
2014 to 2018
Country Zambia

The Zambia Accountability Programme encourages and supports effective collaboration among elected leaders, government officials, civic groups and private businesses on prioritised government reform and development problems.

With emphasis on political economy, we commission research to help stakeholders better understand ‘how’ political change happens in Zambia. The research helps to identify previous obstacles to reform and inform future pathways to change. It is the foundation for the design of collaborative ‘issues based projects’ in the areas of service delivery, policy and legislative reform, and the electoral cycle.

Service delivery

Citizen action can play an important role in incentivizing improvements in government service delivery. Working with key interest groups, we aim to strengthen mechanisms for citizens to influence local governance, service delivery and productive sector reform problems.

Policy and legislative reform

We are working to promote quality, evidence-based engagement by government, citizens and the private sector around the policy making process.

Electoral cycle

We focus on changing the interaction between Zambia’s elected representatives (and their political parties) and citizens throughout the electoral cycle.

Learning and dissemination

Recognising that the programme is a new way of engaging with governance challenges in Zambia, we focus on sharing lessons learned with stakeholder networks and local media. By widely disseminating learnings, we aim to positively influence future governance and sector-based programming in Zambia.