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2011 to 2014
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Through the Young Arab Analysts Network International (YANNI) programme, our project team works towards equipping a new generation of Moroccan policy analysts with the tools to identify and articulate practical political solutions to the socio-economic problems facing their communities.

Towards democracy

The project, which is designed to support the process of democratic transition, is delivered through a learning programme that blends the development of analytical tools and capacity building with a dynamic support network.

The development of a network of young policy analysts and youth-led policy initiatives is helping to increase young people’s skills and realisation in the power of evidence based analysis as a claim for change. Training is provided to young people from diverse backgrounds to meet and exchange views.

Policy preparation

A range of policy briefs have been developed, covering: 

  • entrepreneurship
  • education
  • employability
  • governance
  • sustainable energy
  • economic development.

New forums for change

Programme participants launched their own platform, the MENA Policy HUB, to promote policy debates between Moroccan youth and decision makers. Since 2013, the hub has held ten training events across Morocco with YANNI alumni delivering workshops focusing on policy making and analysis to young people and linking to major political parties and non-governmental organisations in the MENA region.


'Before my participation in the YAANI programme, I thought public policies were the responsibility of politicians and political scientists. Now I can see how policy analysis is relevant to me, by developing my own research and attracting a wider audience as result.’

Fatine El Harouni – YANNI Alumni



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