Clients Partnership
2012 to 2014
Country Ethiopia

Through the Learn English Audio Project we aim to reach the poorest teachers and learners in rural Ethiopia using solar-powered MP3 players to provide access to quality English language audio resources. 

The project continues to provide quality listening content for schools that have to struggle with an unreliable and inconsistent power supply. 

Sustainable change

MP3 players and British Council learning materials are being distributed to schools in Learning Boxes, made from recycled material. A total of 500 MP3 players have been distributed to 300 schools and teacher training colleges in four regions across the country. The scale and reach of the project has attracted interest from corporate sponsors.

Thanks to partnership agreements with three Regional Education Authorities, 2,000 teachers have been trained in how to incorporate listening into the school curriculum. 

Through extra-curricular English language clubs, 250,000 students are being reached at a cost of less than £1 per student, per year.