Improving Parliamentary Performance in Pakistan programme - a Pakistani woman listens to a speaker at a public sector reform conference

Umer Farooq

Clients European Union
Value €5.75 million
2012 to 2016
Country Pakistan

Through Improving Parliamentary Performance in Pakistan, we help the country to foster democratisation by building up the capacity of elected representatives and institutions. 

Our project team supports Pakistan’s parliament with a view to improving the three main strands of its parliamentary function: law making, oversight and representation. 

We work to:

  • Improve the functioning of elected representatives, secretariats, and selected committees, primarily at the federal level
  • Enhance parliamentary transparency and access
  • Increase the capacity of parliament to promote international human rights standards, including the parliamentary role on election legislation
  • Increase interaction between elected assemblies in Pakistan and the European Parliament.

Working collaboratively

Our project team works closely with individuals, groups, and institutions, as both key partners and beneficiaries, including:

  • Leaders and members of the Senate and National Assembly of Pakistan
  • Committees of parliament and other parliamentary bodies
  • Secretaries and Secretariat staff of both Houses
  • Executive Director and staff of the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Studies
  • Project consortium members
  • Civil society organisations and the media.