Mat Wright

Clients European Union
Value €4.08 million
2007 to 2011

Through the EC Support to Education in Eritrea programme, we helped strengthen the capacity of Eritrea’s government to improve access to and the quality of education in schools, with a particular focus on improving teacher development and school leadership. 

Teacher development

A focus on raising the professional status of teachers led to 1,292 middle school teachers passing examinations to be upgraded to diploma level and 201 primary school teachers passing examinations to be upgraded to certificate level. A national teacher education policy was developed, leading to a new national curriculum for teacher education at diploma level.

Continuous professional development 

A continuous professional development strategy was developed, identifying three areas for teacher development: formal courses (accredited), non-formal in-service courses and workshops (non-accredited) and an informal school-based day-to-day reflective process. A 150-hour training package for school directors in leadership and management was introduced, consisting of 70 hours of face-to-face training and 80-hours of school-based assignments. 

School improvement

A practical toolkit on school planning, teacher improvement and performance monitoring was produced to support school directors and supervisors with developing teaching and learning skills in schools. 


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