Clients Partnership
2012 to 2015
Country South Africa

Using the British Council’s primary teacher training course, CiPELT, we work with South Africa’s Department of Basic Education (DBE) to implement their national strategy for teaching English in state primary schools. 

Our goal is to improve teachers’ ability to deliver more engaging lessons in English and ultimately improve literacy rates and learner retention in South Africa. 

Embedding CiPELT

CiPELT has been adopted as South Africa’s principal teacher training tool for the teaching of English in primary schools. Over 200 teacher trainers of children in grades 1–6 have completed the course. The DBE are now seeking to use CiPELT methodology to deliver teacher training in the country’s nine official African languages. 

More than 15,000 schools, 200,000 teachers and seven million learners will directly benefit from the efforts of the DBE and the British Council, leaving the country’s primary school children more engaged and with improved literacy levels.


‘CiPELT is intended to provide quality support to our teachers, who in turn will deliver quality teaching to our learners in the classroom, which will ultimately improve the quality of learners’ results.’

Mr Mathanzima Mweli, Deputy Director General for Curriculum, DBE