Mat Wright

Clients Partnership
2012 to 2015
Country Multiple

We have commissioned the Institute of Education at the University of London to undertake the Universities, Employability and Inclusive Development Research and Advocacy Project. Through this research we aim to contribute to the development of university systems in Africa and the UK.

By understanding challenges and documenting examples of good practice, we intend to draw out recommendations for policy and practice that promote employability and inclusive development.  Employability involves developing the knowledge and skills needed to access labour market opportunities, to be successful within the workplace and to make a positive contribution to the broader society. 

The study will take place in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and the UK (for comparative purposes). Information will be obtained from policy makers, employers, faculty, university managers and students. 

Access to higher education

The research will focus on access to higher education, the curriculum, pedagogical methods, skills sets, research training and research (including recent attempts to improve these) in order to contribute to the development of employable graduates and to lead to further research on these subjects. 

Funding and governance arrangements

The project will also take into consideration funding arrangements for higher education and the governance and management of universities to enable the sector and individual institutions to achieve their goals.


Education for Employment: Africa’s Next Generation 

Sub-Saharan Africa has the youngest and fastest growing population across the globe. This offers a major economic opportunity – a larger workforce means a more productive economy.

World Economic Forum, Education and Skills 2.0: New Targets and Innovative Approaches