Life cycle

2020 to 2021




Ministry of National Education in Turkey, Sabancı Foundation


To provide all secondary school English teachers in Turkey with the training and resources they need to deliver more effective classroom practice and to expand the UK partnership and UK benefit of the English Together Programme in Turkey.


The scope of Covid-19-related school closures heavily disrupted the education system, affecting millions of learners, teachers, and families. One of the unprecedent challenges was faced by teachers. In our case, English language teachers across Turkey, who had to familiarise themselves with technology and adapt to teaching in a virtual environment urgently. This sudden shift to remote learning required rapid response. Responding to the  Ministry of National Education’s (MoNE) request, we reached out to leading UK publishers to help us provide high quality English language teaching and learning resources for an online platform. 


In partnership with Pearson, Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press, Cambridge Assessment English, Cambridge University Press and Edinburgh College; we delivered 20 live webinars in 20 weeks. We did the following:

  • specified priorities and needs of the teachers in an online teaching world
  • coordinated with publishers and provided motivating and engaging online resources for teachers
  • worked with MoNE and UK publishers on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) booklet, including a UK qualification into the programme, developing, and producing new content for asynchronous webinars in 2021. 


For the first time, we delivered webinars on the Ministry’s online platform with UK publishers and our live webinars attracted more than 11.000 views. Recordings of the webinars were uploaded on the Ministry online teaching and learning platform (EBA) which is the main platform used by all teachers and students in Turkey and all webinars opened for new registrations.

The webinars on EBA have been viewed 256,700 times by English language teachers.

For the second round, due to the demand from teachers, new 14 asynchronous webinars for 2021 will be organised with our UK partners. MoNE wanted us to switch to asynchronous content creation so opportunities could be opened up to 10,000 English language teachers per webinar.

Mutual benefit

For the first time, six organisations from the UK - Pearson, Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press, Cambridge Assessment English, Cambridge University Press and Edinburgh College - gained access to state education system at this scale in Turkey. We subsequently expanded our and MoNE’s collaboration with UK publishers on the English Together Programme’s CPD Booklet,  supporting video production and are currently looking with MoNE at incorporating UK qualification into the programme. 

This partnership’s mutual cultural relations approach develops trust and attraction towards the UK.