Pyoe Pin Programme

The scale and profundity of change currently underway in Myanmar provides both unprecedented opportunities and unprecedented risks.

Over the last 10 years, the British Council has managed the Pyoe Pin (PP) project to promote inclusive, accountable and fair governance in Myanmar in order to underpin a more open, prosperous and peaceful society.

Following a successful inception period, on 1 November 2017 the British Council moved into the third phase of the project, ‘Pyoe Pin 3’.

PP uses political economy analysis and adaptive, iterative approaches to broker and support broad, inclusive coalitions of civil society, government and the private sector, bringing together tangible real-life issues and creating sustainable change. 

In this third phase, PP will build on past success in facilitating legal and institutional reforms in land, legal aid, education, fisheries, extractives, health, and forestry. Among its projects, Pyoe Pin 3 will seek to:

  • create a legal framework for inclusive fisheries management in three additional coastal areas
  • develop formal recognition of ethnic language instruction and teacher competency standards in ethnic education systems
  • support ongoing law reform to achieve equitable and sustainable forestry management
  • continue supporting the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative process to achieve greater accountability in the exploitation of Myanmar’s natural resources.

More equitable and accountable laws, policies and institutions in these key areas related to identity and livelihood are expected to contribute, over time, to a reduction in conflict in Myanmar.

Pyoe Pin is funded by the UK’s Department for International Development and worth £4 million. Find out more about Pyoe Pin on our website.