What is the Aptis Advanced Listening Test like?

The information below and the preparation materials are relevant for Aptis Advanced and Aptis ESOL Advanced.

The Aptis Advanced Listening Test contains 11 tasks and a total of 11 different recordings focusing on different aspects of real-life listening. You will have 30 minutes to complete the listening test.

Part 1: Identifying factual information

In this part, you will listen to five short recordings of monologues or dialogues and answer one question for each recording.

Part 2: Identifying opinion and attitude

In this part, you will listen to three recordings of monologues and you will have to answer two questions for each recording.

Part 3: Understanding an extended spoken text

In this part, you will hear a discussion between a man and a woman. On the screen you will see a number of opinions. You will need to identify who expresses which opinion: the man, the woman, or both the man and the woman.

You will only hear the recording once and you have 20 seconds to read through the options before it starts.

Part 4: Understanding an extended story

In this part, you will hear two separate monologues. You will need to select the correct answer from a table.

You will only hear each monologue once.

Tips for your listening test:

  • Read the questions carefully before listening, identify key words and understand what it is you need to listen for.
  • Watch for synonyms – you may see a word in a question and hear a different word with a similar meaning in the audio.
  • Use the second listening, when it’s possible, to check or confirm your answer.
  • Listen to the whole recording before choosing your answer.