English as part of our multilingual reality 

We live in a multilingual world, where English often works alongside other languages to provide rich linguistic engagement and opportunities for communities and individuals. Learn more about the findings from our research in the English and Community fact sheet.

English and Community Fact Sheet

English and technology

With online lesson, language learning phone apps and other EdTech, can technology narrow the equity gap in English language education? Download the English and Technology fact sheet to learn more about the findings from our research.

English and Technology Fact Sheet 

English and work

Change is happening at work. The modern workplace is dynamic and complex linguistically, socially and culturally. Many businesses use English as their official language of communication internally as well as with international customers and suppliers. Read more about the opportunities and challenges in the context of English at work in our fact sheet.

English and Work Fact Sheet

'The Future of English: Global Perspectives' is our new research that explores the key themes shaping the future of the English language and its role in our world.

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