Choose Aptis for your assessment needs

Aptis is a computer based test which provides fast results reliably marked by our examiners.

Choose which skills to test

You can choose to test one or more of the four language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading) depending on your needs. Each test includes a mandatory grammar and vocabulary module as an additional guarantee of the accuracy of the CEFR levels for each skill.

Find out what we test for each skill. 

Choose when, where and how to test

Aptis has a flexible delivery system which allows you to choose the date, time and location of testing.

Aptis is a scalable testing tool that can be used with large groups of candidates in multiple locations regardless of their skill level. You can run the whole process independently in your organisation or you can leave this to our expert team and free up your time. 

We can also accommodate candidates with special needs and make adjustments such as Braille and large font tests, timing, pen and paper tests and many others.

Get accurate and reliable results in just 48 hours

The speaking and writing parts are marked objectively within 48 hours by our team of trained examiners under strict assurance and monitoring standards.

The Aptis reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary components are marked automatically within the system.

Find out how we ensure the accuracy and reliability of Aptis scores.

Make informed decisions

Aptis tests candidates' skills to communicate in English in real-life situations giving you a useful estimation of their language abilities. 

Results will be provided in individual and group reports mapped to the CEFR for each language skill. This gives you a full overview of the language profile of each candidate, their strengths and weaknesses, along with their ranking amongst others. This allows you to analyse their performance and evaluate the success of your projects.

See an example of an individual candidate report (PDF).

Ensure the quality of your language testing 

You can rely on our expertise and quality assurance processes for your language projects. Aptis design, development and scoring is based on extensive and ongoing research. All questions in the test are trialled and analysed and only those which meet our strict requirements are included in live tests.

Read more about the Aptis system in our technical manual (PDF).

Choose a trusted partner

We have more than 80 years’ experience in developing and delivering language tests.

You can benefit from our global network in more than 100 countries where we deliver testing up to the highest security standards and of any scale.

Aptis is used by a variety of organisations like universities, schools and governments in more than 85 countries. It is also recognised as a valid proof of English proficiency by ministries, educational institutions and regional governments across the world.