What is the Aptis Grammar and Vocabulary test like?

The information below and the preparation materials are relevant for Aptis and Aptis ESOL.

The Grammar and Vocabulary component is the core element of the Aptis test. It has two parts and you will have 25 minutes to complete it.

The first part tests your knowledge of English grammar and the second part focuses on your knowledge of English vocabulary.

The Grammar and vocabulary test is marked on a scale from 0 to 50. No CEFR level is awarded for this component but the score is used to assign you to the correct CEFR level for the other skill components.

Part 1: Grammar

In the Grammar section, you will be presented with 25 multiple choice questions where you should complete a sentence by choosing the correct option. Read the whole sentence before choosing the answer.

You can flag up questions you find difficult and go back to complete them later in the test.

Part 2: Vocabulary

The vocabulary part also has 25 questions. There are several question types:

  • Word definition – match a word to its definition.
  • Word pairs – match a word to another word of very similar meaning.
  • Word usage – choose a word to be used in the context of a sentence.
  • Word combinations – combine words that are frequently used together.

Top tips for the Grammar and vocabulary test

  • Read all the options before choosing your answer.
  • After you have chosen an option, read the sentence again to check your answer before you move on.
  • Do not spend too long on any of the questions. Remember you have to answer 50 questions in 25 minutes. If you can’t think of the answer immediately, it’s better to continue with the test and then come back to it later.
  • Improve your vocabulary through practice games and activities on the LearnEnglish website.