What is the Aptis Reading Test like?

The information below and the preparation materials are relevant for Aptis and Aptis ESOL.

This component is divided into four sections and the tasks become more difficult as the test progresses. The maximum time allowed for the reading component for each variant is

  • Aptis General – 35 minutes
  • Aptis Advanced – 60 minutes
  • Aptis for Teens – 30 minutes and
  • Aptis for Teachers – 30 minutes

Part 1: Sentence comprehension

In this first section, you will read a short text in the form of a note or an email. For five of the sentences in the text, you need to choose a word to complete each sentence. This part tests your ability to read and understand simple sentences. Make sure you read each sentence and all the possible answers carefully before making your choice.

Part 2: Text cohesion

In this section, there are two different texts. Each text consists of six sentences, but only the first sentence is in the correct place. For each text, you will be asked to put the other five sentences in the correct order to make a complete text. There is only one correct way to organise the sentences.

Part 3: Opinion matching

In this section you will read a text of four separate paragraphs on a common topic. Each paragraph represents a person’s opinions or preferences about the topic. You will be asked to match the people to seven statements provided.

Part 4: Long text comprehension

In this section, you will read a long text (about 750 words) consisting of eight paragraphs. You are provided with eight headings. Your task is to match seven of the headings to seven of the paragraphs in the text.

This tests your ability to understand a long text. Read the text carefully but as quickly as you can. Then read the headings. Do this all before starting the task. For each paragraph, choose the heading that best sums up the meaning of that paragraph.

Top tips for the reading test

  • Read all the sentences carefully first, then decide on the correct order. You need to look for words that show how the sentences link with each other.
  • To perform well in section two, first read each paragraph so you understand each person’s point of view. Then read the statements and decide which person’s opinion it best represents.
  • In section three it is necessary to scroll the reading text to see all of it. Select the appropriate heading from the drop-down list on the left-hand side. There is always an extra heading that does not fit with any paragraph.
  • And finally, it is important to remember that the best way to become a better reader is to practise. Easy books written especially for English language learners might help.

For more detailed information, please download a copy of the Test format overview .