Wednesday 30 April 2014 -
17:00 to 18:15

UK and USA have been popular study destinations for decades and together attract the largest share of internationally mobile students.  Proportionately, only a small number of students from these countries undertake any form of study abroad – why is this? What are the barriers (perceived and real) to international mobility?; Why is it important for institutions to encourage outward mobility of students?; and what can be done to change this situation?

This session will hear the latest ‘Broadening Horizons’ research from British Council’s Education Intelligence team which draws on survey data from UK and US students to understand the perceived barriers to an international study experience.

IIE will then present their campaign to double the number of US students studying abroad by 2020; and a case study will be shared from a UK institution setting out the importance of developing approaches to encouraging outward mobility.

This will be an opportunity to learn more about the perceptions of students from UK and US; the successful steps that have been taken by some institutions to encourage outward mobility; the challenges faced in doing so; and national campaigns to facilitate increased participation in study abroad.