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Saturday 21 November 2020 -
09:00 to 12:00
This is an online event. Times are in GMT.

About the event

The Experience Japan Exhibition is now in its tenth year and keeps getting bigger, with more and more people taking part to find out about the broadening range of study and research opportunities available in Japan. This year, the Experience Japan Exhibition will be held online, allowing more students from all over the world to participate and find opportunities to study in Japan.

Looking back over 2020, we have all experienced a very challenging time dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic; however, leading up to 2021, Japan is gearing up to provide more avenues to experience many of the country’s wonders, including its high level of education, and Japanese universities are helping to make the country further accessible by offering more degree programmes in English than ever before.

Gaining first-hand experience of this fascinating country is getting easier regardless of your students' level of study or Japanese language proficiency. Numerous leading Japanese universities will be participating to provide information on their exciting programmes, as well as about the various research opportunities, summer courses, online classes, and other options open to international students.

They will also provide information about the variety of scholarships and research funding available to help your students take full advantage of these learning opportunities. From joining a cutting-edge research team at a top-tier university to studying Japanese at your own pace in a custom-made language course, Japan has no shortage of options to give students the study abroad experience they're looking for.


The Experience Japan Exhibition takes place on Saturday 21 November 2020, from 9am - 12pm (UK time).

The event will be of interest to university and secondary school students of all levels and disciplines, particularly those studying areas related to Japan and East Asia or those with an interest in establishing research ties with their Japanese counterparts. 

Students can register for free by visting the Experience Japan website:

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