Woman with a laptop in a wheelchair

When your candidates require accommodations to help them take their exams, our experienced exams staff are on hand to identify and provide the necessary materials and modifications suitable for test takers. The common accommodations and modifications that we provide are: 

  • Amanuensis / scribe
  • Separate rooms for injured candidates (e.g. broken limbs)
  • Ground floor rooms with wheelchair accessibility
  • Large font 
  • Extra time
  • Braille
  • Screen readers 
  • Modified tests for blind test takers 
  • Zoom text

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are at the heart of our cultural relations ambitions. They represent mutual trust, respect and understanding. We want everyone who comes into contact with us, both offline and online, to feel valued and respected and our programmes, services and general ways of working to demonstrate our stated commitment to EDI.

Candidates have reported back that for the first time they were able to take an exam in similar conditions to the rest of their college mates and they greatly appreciated the extra efforts we made to facilitate their requirements. 

Another candidate provided a testimonial:

‘I'm very much pleased to give you my feedback with regards to my exam. Staff were extremely co-operative and made the best arrangements for me. Right from the start and throughout the exam, British Council staff provided their overwhelming support to which I'm thoroughly grateful for.

To be honest, I was scared about attending the exam with this condition, which prevents me from walking, but everything was accommodated to my needs. Even on the way out, staff assisted me out of the exam hall. I'm immensely proud of the kind of staff you currently have that undoubtedly proved to be great assets. Thank you once again for making the best possible arrangements for me otherwise I could never have taken my exam.’