An ELTons judge at the awards ceremony

Applications to become a judge for the ELTons 2024 are now closed. Applications will re-open for the ELTons 2025. 

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For those interested in becoming an ELTons judge, below is some information about what to expect and the criteria we are looking for in our judges.

Being an ELTons judge offers unique access to the latest innovations across the English language teaching and learning industry. It is also a recognition of the expertise, insight and experience you bring to the English language teaching world.

Judges generally serve for three years, which allows the panel to evolve and include new talent, bringing fresh insight and reflecting changes and shifts in the English language teaching industry.

There are no fixed qualifications needed to be a judge, but judges typically have a wide range of experience in the English language teaching world, working in a range of roles and sometimes in a number of different places. Judges can work anywhere with sufficient internet and communications access to allow the judging process to work.

The ELTons welcomes applications each year from those in the English language teaching industry who feel they have the qualities to be a good judge in one (or more) of the ELTons five main categories. 

This is a voluntary role requiring commitment to three rounds of judging.