Mashrouy (“My Project” in Arabic) is a televised entrepreneurship competition that took place in Sudan. Its concept was originally put in place by the British Embassy, British Council and the Sudanese Young Businessmen Association.

Over a period of two years, around 4,600 applications have been received from young entrepreneurs.  Mashrouy has reached over 10 million Sudanese through television, press and social media. 

Business skills training has been offered to over 2,300 young people across all 12 states in Sudan. In 2016, the entrepreneurship training was rolled out in the country’s affected conflicted areas: Kadugli (South Kordofan State) and Elfashir (Darfur State). Over 100 young Sudanase benefited from the training. 

“The training was rich and has opened my eyes to new possibilities,” said Intisar Mohamed Ali, participant. 

A main focus of Mashrouy is to raise awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and the developmental role it can play in changing the individual’s life and ultimately the country’s future through its contribution to socioeconomic development. The four-day training focused on how to run a business and create a positive impact on local communities. 

“The training reinforced my aim to continue working to benefit my local community,” said Houida Abubake, trainee.

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