Digital Jobs Africa Programme

The Digital Jobs for Africa Programme is aimed at providing employment opportunities for young people across Africa through digital related jobs. The British Council, in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation trained 1,004 disadvantaged youth in topics such as business process outsourcing, freelance online jobs, and digital entrepreneurship.

The training took place over 12 months at the British Council Skills and Innovation Hub in Accra. The participants benefitted from an intensive programme that included face-to-face training, self-directed study, interactive digital demonstration, and practical application. Beneficiaries were high school graduates, aged 18-30, who belonged to segments of society that are marginalised and underrepresented in target employment sectors. 

As part of British Council Ghana’s strategy to create prosperity and sustainable livelihoods, the Skills and Innovation Hub was launched in partnership with Rockefeller Foundation to train high-potential but economically challenged young Ghanaians. The Digital Jobs Africa Programme aims to provide job opportunities to young and unemployed Ghanaians through business process outsourcing (BPOs), IT service providers, online freelance jobs and digital entrepreneurship.

“Being introduced to the Digital Jobs Programme was one my greatest achievements. I am now a young and skilled digital freelancer with the best skills, experience and knowledge one can ever gain in the world. Thank you so much British Council and the Rockefeller Foundation.” Bismark Strong